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Air Force One Performs Daytona 500 Flyover

Just short of President Trump's arrival at the Daytona 500. The president's 747 did a buzz of the speedway at about 800 feet. Amazing spectators before landing at Daytona Airport next door. (www.dailywire.com) 更多...

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Charlie Roberts 9
Oh geez, people get a grip.
First, this wasn't a "surprise" flyover as everyone thinks. Track owner and organizers worked this flyover in as part of the pre-race excitement.
Second there is no way President Trump was on board, as the protocols would not allow it. Did anyone see him leave the plane following the flyover? No. That's because he was elsewhere getting ready to arrive, do the Grand Marshall duties and do the parade lap in The Beast.
Don Quixote 1
Charlie, he was on the plane. They filmed him getting off. He didn't drive there.
Richard Kulczewski 2
Totally agree. This isn’t the first time that his political handlers have used AF-1 as a political/campaign prop i.e. behind him at numerous airport rally’s. While I don’t condone his politics and buffoonery, I have no problem with him being there as grand marshall, addressing the crowd and even taking the beast on a presumptive victory lap (I recorded the race so did he and Melania wave to the crowd out of the open rooftop?) But the Top Gun-ish 800’ MSL buzz of the crowd by the symbol, but not the POTUS, was a bit over the top. NOTE: The VC-25 without the POTUS aboard is not ID’d as AF-1 but just as a VC-25 in the executive aircraft fleet.
racinron 1
Local TV stations showed him getting off the plane.
ed lang 2
Guys - let's face it- AF1 is an awesome, inspiring aircraft. And that flyover, planned, but a surprise to the crowd, was amazing. Very cool, looks cool, sounds cool, and taking a lap in the limo was legit.
Let's keep the politics out of it, huh?
Don Quixote 1
Haha, good luck with that. I agree, it was a damn cool moment, but unfortunately the deranged Anti-Trumpers are kicking and screaming and calling this a 'reality' show. Bunch of BS, what a great day though for Daytona and the President!
Michael Enzmann 3
Why is this feed even here as the picture heading the article is from President Bush's 2004 visit?
Robert Cowling 0
Because the stands in front of where the plane was were mostly empty. He HATES that people don't love him. I'm sure he'll be saying it was the 'largest ever attendance for the Daytona 500'. Like 750,000 showed up! Like people were lined up for 20 miles, waiting to get in. *eyes rolling*
Don Quixote 1
Robert, you clearly don't know what you're talking about and just have a hatred for Trump.
Just another case of TDS! Sad

Michael is talking about the picture of the ARTICLE, now something Trump posted you old fart.
mary susan watkins 5
This posting and the subsequent comments are far too pollical and take away from the real point of the "FLIGHT AWARE"website, which is to discuss aircraft,airlines,issues that come up in that area such as crashes,seats that are too small,737max problems and the like,as wel as things about airline mileage programs,airline policies or yes,even some "heartwarming" passenger stories..AF1 is a beautiful aircraft to watch,as were all of the 747's..like a big whale floating gracefully by..(I saw it once)but it is not a political toy,nor the personal property of the president,no matter who he might be.."nuff said"...
Michael Blackstock 2
Alright, it is a beautiful aircraft. I had a chance to be within 50 feet of it and Bush Sr. when Bush came to Colorado in 1992. I've photograph it (the different ones) a few different times in my life. It is one of the most iconic and 'American' symbols in the world. Thus is unique in the fact that it is hard to tease out the aircraft alone when that symbol of American might is being used to ego-stroking purposes.

For example, one can not have a discussion about the proposed paint scheme changes to the VC-25 replacements without also evoking the issues around if it is simply a ego-stroking pet project to make it 'more' American.

Likewise, for example, how can one discuss Enola Gay or Bockscar without mentioning their most famous uses?

scottiek 4
Isn't this the photo that was confirmed to be from 2004?
Richard Kulczewski 2
Michael Blackstock 2
Yes it is. The opening banner photo is From Bush W trip in 2004.
Chris B 1
lol. Trump Campaign tweeted a photo of AF1 doing the same thing in 2004....
Frank DeLeon 2
Arturo Caldera 1
Good lord what have i done...
Robert Cowling -1
My mother-in-law said the same thing. She voted for him. Said she wanted 'change'. Yeah, that happened...
Ralf Kerner 0
Pride comes before a fall.
Scott Campbell 1
oh good
ADXbear -6
Why all the liberal comments.. same could be said sbout the 30+ trips Omammy took his family to Hawaii..

This was above the minimum saft altitude gor Daytona, 50o'.. as they just descended for a landing at Daytona.. 1/2 mile away..

You libs just cant stand his popularity..
Michael Ashmore 7
Not sure why you assume everyone who makes a negative comment is "liberal." I certainly am not! However, if you consider that the hourly operating cost of the VC-25A is somewhere btwn $180K to $200K, depending on the source, no administration is doing the taxpayer any favors by using that aircraft for short trips from ADW to Daytona or JFK, etc. It's especially galling when a sitting president uses that airplane to take his wife to NYC on a date to see a Broadway play. Is that official government business? It seems to me to be an egregious waste of tax dollars. The 89th AW has other airplanes more suited to those distances. Alas, they'd have to train the White House pilots to fly them, but that would still be less expensive.
Don Quixote 1
Michael, the Gov spent last year over 4 trillion $'s. And all of a sudden when AF1 does a badass flyover of the Daytona 500, people now give a sh*t about how much money was 'wasted'? Lol, give me a break. I'll take one of those flyovers ANYDAY, I could care less how much it costs. That's what makes America great.
Douglas Moreau -3
Egregious waste of tax dollars bla,bla, barf... I’m so sick you cry babies. I was proud to be an American for a few minutes during the fly over, you should try it.
Michael Blackstock 2
If the point of that display was to celebrate America, I would be proud. That was not what happened. It was a reality show staged for one and if it's not already been posted, it will be campaign footage footage shortly; as paid for by tax dollars. But, I'm sure you will write an extra check to the IRS to do your proud part.

Don Quixote 1
Reality show. Lol, both you Michaels are a joke. Get your head out of your ass for once why don't you.
Michael Blackstock 2
Keep in your mind, we are all 'liberals.' That is fine with me. That way you will disregard my experiences. You will underestimate us.

Reagan was my first Commander in Chief. I had never voted for a Democrat in over half century of life-- until recently. Boy do you underestimate the distaste and disdain some of use have for 'him.' Also along with this, I think you underestimate the determination.

I love a good air show, and even worked a few. Even those flybys you see at major events are well planned as to maximize the time of our military with either a real mission or training mission, thus minimize the tax payer burden. The impact is minimal.

On the other hand, using our military and it's equipment for personal play-toy props when one lacks even a basic understanding of the Constitution and our institutions, is one of the reasons I can't stand the man. It's not because he's more popular, for he's not.
Steve Drake -3
Their entire beings are consumed by resentment and hatred. Miserable people.
Michael Blackstock 2
It is unclear to whom you refer to.
Michael Ashmore -2
Our tax dollars at work!

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Viv Pike 4
The Flight Crew are Military (Air Force). Trump is the Commander-In-Chief. So I guess he can pull rank.
Larry Toler -3
He can pull rank, but doesn't mean he can order them to bust regulations. They probably didn't bust regs but I had a squadron commander who was like him and he finally got demoted and kicked out of the Air Force.
Viv Pike 0
My comment was meant as tongue-in-cheek. I forgot the /s
Shenghao Han -9
The man almost sparked a war with Iran, I am not surprised he nukes China tomorrow.

That said, it does look quite nice, although I would prefer a B-52 flyover over VC-25 any day...

After all it is still just a 747, nowhere near as threatening as B-52...
mike SUT 0
Bet the Marine Colonel who just lost his Squadron and his wings is wondering WTF. Leadership is set from the top . ie CIC...so hopefully he gets reinstated or AF1 PIC loses his wings.


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